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Table of Contents

Help  8

Splot  9

Dangerous Hidden Priming  15

They Invisibly Affect How You Feel 23

There Be Goblins And Monsters Between Your Ears 29

What’s Inside Your Committee’s List? 33

First Rate Foolery 37

Negative Lies, The Committee Isn’t Logical  41

How To Fire Your Committee  45

Horses and Orange Automobile s 49

Perpetual Peptides - Thought Addiction  55

What We Do To Become Habituated  61

Russell’s Profound Tale 69

My “Ah-ha” Moment Can Give You A New Brain   73

Diamonds and More Diamonds  79

How To Feel More Confident About Yourself  87

Validation, What Scientists Have Proven  89

Boogie-Dogs and Sidewalks 99

So Why Is It We Fear What We Do? 105

People Who Do What They Want To Do   111

Mirror On The Wall Tell Me More And Show Me All  117

There Are Mirrors Inside Your Head  121

Moment Of Choice   125

Eight Words Contain An Essential Truth  135

Your Two Different Childhoods At The Same Time   145

Mental Good Wishes 149

Bury An Old Dishrag During A Full Moon   155

So,  Where Have We Been?  161

How To Help Others Be Happier   165

An Emotional Uplift For You  167

Why I Became a Happiness Seeker   171

Sources To Exercise Your Inner Nerd  175

List Questions Print Out  177


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