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Simple Process Turns People Happy


New book: Happy Mind Happy Life: How to Get Happy and Stay That Way reveals the simple process that turns people happy. It also shows how anyone can dissipate anger and resentment, and cancel envy.


Press Release Image.jpgCincinnati, OH – A recent study found that two-thirds of the population say they are unhappy. Most people desperately want to feel better about themselves and be happy, but don’t know how or where to begin. 


“Whatever has been bugging you, pulling you down, and generating gloom, is not your fault. You didn't do it. You didn't cause it," says Don Schenk, author of Happy Mind Happy Life: How To Get Happy and Stay That Way.


Schenk gives this comparison: "Imagine someone slaps wet paint onto you, but it is invisible paint. You don't know it’s there. It dries, and stays with you the rest of your life.


"People slapped a group of negative mental mechanisms onto you. They were simply passing along the same fears and prejudices others had given to them. These beliefs are like the invisible paint you wear, and they create the negative inner voice that says, 'Things never work out for me. I always screw up.  I’ll never be a success. I am such a loser.'  What your inner voice says becomes embedded in your opinion of yourself."


Years ago, Schenk had come through a low point in his life, and wasn't feeling particularly happy. "In fact," he says, "I felt worthless, inferior, and powerless. While my life looked great on the outside, no one would have suspected I was dying on the inside. I was desperate to figure out how I could be happy."


What Schenk did was to ask himself a series of questions about what actually was going right in his life. "The happiness process is quite simple," Schenk says. "The more I looked at the blessings, the more the gloom and inferiority feelings diminished. I also learned to dissipate anger, dissolve resentments, and cancel envy by removing the negative self-talk others had given me."  For the past twenty-four years Schenk has kept written documentation showing how well it worked.


In Happy Mind Happy Life Schenk reveals the same powerful questions he asked himself to reverse his negative self-talk and become happy. Schenk also explains which techniques university studies have proven are the easiest, most lasting ways to become happy. And he gives the inside story on how you can help others become happier too by showing the happiness process to them.


Happy Mind Happy Life: How To Get Happy and Stay That Way The Rest of Your Life is an easy read with anecdotes to make it entertaining, understandable, and memorable. Find more about it at http://QuickHappinessBoost.com.


Paperback | 5.5 X 8.5 in | 178 pages | ISBN 978-1-937201-07-4


Kindle | 178 pages | ISBN | 978-1-937201-08-1


Don Schenk: Author, Photographer, Serial Entrepreneur, has been fully self-employed for more than three decades, owning a half dozen businesses. He started Ideapage Publishing in 1992 to teach effective marketing strategies to other business owners, and now uses it to help others become happy.




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